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The Shopkins Gang Webseries is the main animated program for the Shopkins Gang franchise. It is animated by Melbourne-based animation company Dirty Puppet.

New episodes are released every two weeks.


Meet the Shopkins Gang, the most inspired – expired – grossest convenience store products to ever hit the shelf. This cartoon series follows five best friends who are having the time of their lives hanging out at the Small Mart – Follow the series of (mis)adventures by subscribing to channel and getting updates on the latest cartoon episodes!


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  • Written by - Mike Moselle, Joe Vitale
  • Directed by - Cameron Gough
  • Produced by - Kylie Risson
  • Animation - Jon Asquith, Cameron Gough, & Arnaud Millot
  • Art & Design - Leigh Ryan
  • Rigging & Development - Cameron Gough
  • Visual Effects - Oscar Gomez
  • Storyboards - Sacha Bryning
  • Animation Studio - Dirty Puppet
  • Music & Sound - White Owl
  • Voice Artist - Jade Ubrien
  • Moose Brand Manager - Khia Pledger
  • Moose Creative Director - Adam Woods
  • Moose Creative Consultant - Mia Roth
  • Producers - Shelley Dvi-Vardhana, Terry Kalagian
  • Production Co-Ordinator - Kim Risson
  • Executive Producer - Michael Riley


  • The characters are given limbs for the cartoon.
  • What appears to be a prototype version of the show was previewed at the Toy Fair along with the product line. It had a different animation style and used different characters.
  • In Australia, the show is broadcasted by Cartoon Network as well as show interstitials, and the episodes can be found on their website.
  • The characters were given different voices starting with Monsoon Season (Part 1).
  • Every so often, random episode compilations are uploaded onto YouTube.
  • The Shopkins Game is loosely based on the style of the webseries. Episodes are also viewable on this app.
  • As an Easter Egg, the Moose Toys logo appears on various packages in the store.
  • Every episode contains five parts, with the exception of A Gooey-full Mind and Get Well Spewn, which had six parts.
  • The designs of the characters are based on their static art.
  • No new episodes were released after The Shopkins vs. The Clean Team: Putrid Power movie. This was later broken on September 30th, 2017, with the release of Putrid Power (Part 1).
  • The "Putrid Power"-titled arc is formed out of solo stories, rather than a continuing arc.

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